In the interior fitout industry, too, vision is important – especially when you are customer-oriented and the solutions designed are professionally implemented.

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Apleona R&M Ausbau offers a broad service spectrum for modern interior fittings and possesses the knowledge and expertise required of a full-service provider. Apleona R&M Ausbau’s product and service offering is complemented by its own R&M product lines.

Apleona R&M Ausbau is a modern construction service provider: independence in product selection, dependable service provision and high-quality workmanship to agreed deadlines are the cornerstones of our business.

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1887Rheinhold & Co. Vereinigte Norddeutsche and Dessauer Kieselguhr Gesellschaft are founded in Hanover.
1896C. &. E. Mahla GmbH is founded in Nuremberg.
1920A department dedicated to the science of thermal insulation is established.
1925Rheinhold & Co. launches its Lambda insulation material.
1928Rheinhold & Co. and C. &. E. Mahla are taken over by Vereinigte Korkindustrie AG, Berlin.
1930A Spanish investment group acquires a majority holding in the company.
1932The Swedish company Wicanders Korkfabriker in Stockholm acquires a majority holding in VKI.
1935Rheinhold & Co. Vereinigte Kieselgur und Korkstein-Gesellschaft m.b.H is officially recognised and performs successfully on the market.
1945After 1945, various trustees are appointed for the companies of Vereinigten Korkindustrie AG based in the east of Germany.
1948C. & E. Mahla’s production facility in Lauf can no longer meet requirements and is abandoned. Work begins on the construction of a new production facility for corkboards in Mannheim.
1956Rheinhold & Co. and C. &. E. Mahla merge to form Rheinhold & Mahla GmbH, Mannheim.
1962VKI Vereinigte Korkindustrie Aktiengesellschaft is entered in the commercial register of Mannheim.

VKI and Rheinhold & Mahla GmbH in Mannheim purchase a new company building, which becomes their headquarters.


VKI is sold to Willy Kaus, the majority shareholder of the Metzeler Group.

1972Rheinhold & Mahla GmbH becomes Vereinigte Korkindustrie AG (VKI) and is renamed VKI-Rheinhold & Mahla AG.
1974VKI-Rheinhold & Mahla AG, Mannheim, is acquired by Bayer AG, Leverkusen.
1979VKI-Rheinhold & Mahla AG, Mannheim, becomes Rheinhold & Mahla GmbH.
1983The company headquarters are relocated from Mannheim to Munich.
1990Bayer AG sells its shares in the business; R&M becomes a public company (AG).
The company’s fitout business is integrated in the newly founded R&M Ausbau GmbH.
1991The company launches itself on the stock market as part of recapitalisation efforts.
2002Rheinhold & Mahla AG is sold to Bilfinger SE.
2004R&M Ausbau GmbH is spun off from Rheinhold & Mahla AG and integrated in Bilfinger Berger Hochbau GmbH.
2012R&M celebrates its 125th anniversary.


The company is renamed Bilfinger R&M Ausbau.
2016Bilfinger SE sells R&M Ausbau to the Swedish financial investor EQT.
2017The company is renamed Apleona R&M Ausbau to reflect its status as a subsidiary of Apleona GmbH.


A detailed company history can be found here:

125 Jahre R&M