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BMW Museum and BMW Welt, Munich


Even following extensive renovation work, the landmark structure of the BMW Museum in Munich remains the cauldron-like building in this famous building ensemble – featuring the “four-cylinder” tower – dating back to 1973. 

The BMW Museum, which is one of the most popular corporate museums in Germany, was expanded to 5,000 m2 – five times its original exhibition space – as part of extensive renovation and redevelopment work. 

The redesigned museum complex now offers enough space for showcasing around 120 fascinating exhibits, which visitors can admire along the length of a 1,000-metre, crossing-free loop.

Directly opposite the museum is a brand-new, largely complementary building complex that serves as a brand experience showcase and a place where buyers can take delivery of their new vehicles. The main element of this new building is a large, open hall with a sculpture-like roof and a double cone referencing the existing headquarters. 

The hall serves as a marketplace for a wide range of ever-changing uses. The interior topography allows for different spatial densities and fluid partitioning. The heart of the complex is the “Premiere” vehicle delivery area. Suspended above this are the customer lounges, which command views of the event space and BMW headquarters.


  • BMW-Museum: Uwe R. Brückner, Stuttgart
  • BMW-Welt: COOP HIMMELB(L)AU, Wien 

R&M services:

  • 2,500 mof
    high-quality sound-absorbing ceiling cladding in the exhibition space with heating and cooling functionality and a comprehensive range of built-in technology
  • 2,000 m2 of
    fire protection and noise insulation walls
  • 1,500 m2 of
    sound-absorbing wall and ceiling cladding made from plasterboard
  • 5,600 m2 of
    birdcage scaffolding