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The new National Library of Luxembourg

The National Library of Luxembourg is the biggest scientific library in the country and home to more than 1.5 million printed documents and an ever-growing number of digital files. It contains a significant portion of the country’s documented history and collects together every single Luxembourgish publication so that they are accessible to the public.

The new library building will be divided into three areas: an entrance area with a two-storey reception hall; a central area containing a number of consultation zones; and the “Magasin-Acropolis” area containing a range of historical collections on five storeys. Above this, on the third floor, is the large main reading room.

Apleona R&M Ausbau Luxemburg S.à r.l. is responsible for all drywall and fire safety work. Specifically, the project involves installing around 9,000 m² of plasterboard walls, 1,200 m² of plasterboard ceilings and 2,800 m² of metal lamella ceilings. A particular highlight will be found in the main reading room, where a grate ceiling covering around 1,800 m² will be integrated in the existing wooden structure. The project is scheduled for completion in mid 2018.